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We're taking a different perspective on your eye care.

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Modern + Traditional Optometry...

We use the latest technologies while providing the attentive care and service that was commonplace back when all the optometry clinics were locally owned and operated.  Times have certainly changed.  Big box stores and online merchants have emerged to add eyecare to their ever-growing portfolio of products.  Many of the few remaining independent clinics are being bought up by international chains.  acuiti is casting a vote for tradition.  Local optometrist.  One location. All in the name of providing exceptional care and service.  We offer a warm, inviting space, for you and your family to have a comfortable eyecare experience. 

styles you won't see everywhere.

Tired of seeing the same brands and styles of frames everywhere you go?  We have a passion for independent hand-crafted eyewear.  We think you’ll  love them as much as we do.

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