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What's the story behind our name and logo?

We’ve had many inquiries about our name and logo lately so we figured

some background on the name would be a great way to kick off our new blog.  Our name “acuiti” is taken from the word “acuity”.  We’ve just changed the last letter from a “y” to an “i” to put our own spin on things.  If you can tap into your imagination while looking at the word you might see that the two letter “i’s” at the end of the name kind of look like a pair of “eyes” looking back at you. 

So what does “acuity” mean?  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it simply as a “Keenness of perception”.  We use the term “visual acuity” when we are talking about the sense perception of vision. “Visual acuity” is a measure of the ability of the eye to distinguish shapes and details of objects at a given distance.  Which is why that chart full of letters that all optometrists show you is called a “visual acuity chart”.   This is where that upside down triangle in the logo ties in.  The triangle symbolizes the general shape of the most accurate type of visual acuity chart known as the logMar chart.  We’ll spare you the details on that.  But you can see in the picture the chart is wider on the top and tapers in towards the bottom like an upside-down triangle.  So there you have it, the full origin story of our name and logo.  Thank you for your interest and curiosity!

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Cool, thanks for the insight!

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